JAS Asset Public Company Limited (the "Company”) would like to inform you as the user of the Company’s website that the Company would need to use cookies in the functionality of the Website in order to guarantee the smooth service to be provided on the Website and in order to ensure your convenience of accessing and using the Website. Since the use of cookies is considered the processing of Personal Data under applicable law, the Company, therefore, intends to inform you about the use of such cookies. The Company commits to only use cookies for limited purposes as necessary and to implement the best appropriate security measures as defined under the relevant laws.

When you as a user, either as the individual user or corporate user, access the Website, the company shall deem that you agree and acknowledge this Privacy Notice. This Privacy Notice applies only to the Website and it shall not be applicable to other services or websites that may be linked to the Website yet owned by a third party under which you should study the privacy notice of such third parties separately.

The Company may update this Privacy Notice from time to time to ensure the compliance of this Privacy Notice with relevant laws and the update in the use of cookies by the Company; provided that the Company will notify you of the update made by posting the revised Privacy Notice on the Website.

Cookies that the company uses to provide the service to you

Various types of Cookies, text files being stored in the User’s browser, that the Company is using to store information relating to the User’s behavior and the internet usage of the User. For the performance of the Platform, the Company is using 4 types of cookies as follows:

1. Strictly necessary cookies are cookies, necessary and essential for the operation of the Company’s website in order to enable the website to function properly.

2. Preferences/Functionality cookies are cookies that the Company, used to recognize your identity and activities during your visit on the Company’s website. Such information shall be used only for your next visit to enable and provide service for you without any further configuration.

3. Analytic/Performance cookies are cookies used to track the statistic information, e.g. the number of site’s visitors, visited web pages, including characteristics and behaviors of website user, for analysis and process of website development and modification.

4. Marketing/Third-party cookies are used to track visitors across websites to display relevant advertisements for the individual user and thereby more valuable for publishers and third party advertisers.

Except for the Strictly Necessary Cookies, the Company will only use other types of cookies upon the obtainment of the specific consent from you.

Data Subject Rights

The Company acknowledges and respects your right as the data subject rights of your personal information, in particular the cookies used by the Company. In case you wish to withdraw such consent to allow the use of cookies, you can delete and/or block cookies in the browser(s) on your computer device at your convenience. In case you have any query or you would like to exercising rights, please contact us at: Tel : 064-248-9291 email: dpo-jas@jasasset.co.th