The Company realizes the importance of the rights of the shareholders which may not restricted by the law, does not infringe or lessen the rights of the shareholders and encourage the shareholders to exercise their basic rights including buying, selling or transferring the shares, taking part in the Company’s profit share, receiving appropriate information about the Company, attending the Shareholders’ meeting to vote for nominating or discharging directors, nominating the auditor, and vote for the issues affecting the Company such as the dividend payment, making or amendment of the memorandum of association or articles of association, the reduction or addition of capital, and the approval of special transactions.

In addition to the aforementioned basic rights, the Company has also specified the guidelines for other operations to promote and facilitate the shareholders in exercising their rights as follows:

  • The shareholders shall be provided with the information about the date, time, venue, agenda, and related information respecting the issues to be decided upon at least 7 days prior to the meeting date as specified by the law. Furthermore, the shareholders shall be notified of the rules of the meeting and the votes. Such information is also available on the Company’s website prior to sending the documents to allow the shareholders to study the information before receiving it in the paper format.
  • The Company shall not do anything which may restrict the shareholders’ opportunity to study the Company’s information.
  • The Company shall facilitate the shareholder in exercising their rights to attend the meeting and cast their votes and not do anything which may restrict the opportunity of the shareholders to attend the Shareholders’ meeting. For example, the meeting should not be organized in complicated or costly manner.
  • The Company shall manage time appropriately and encourage the shareholders to express their opinions and raise the questions concerning the Company. In addition, the shareholders can submit their questions to the Company before the meeting date.
  • The Company shall encourage all of the directors to attend the Shareholders’ meeting to answer the shareholders’ questions.
  • The Company shall make the minutes of the meeting which provide accurate and complete information. Such minutes of the meeting shall be kept appropriately for the shareholders to examine whenever needed.