Dear Shareholders

In 2021, the company is able to manage its business amidst the coronavirus crisis. By cost management and expenses related to the company's main business operations causing the company to have a net profit of 56.4 million baht. It is known that The Company operates a business related to the retail industry, with a business of managing rental spaces to retail sellers who sell mobile phones, accessories and develop community shopping centers (Community Mall).

In the past year, it was inevitably affected by the government's lockdown situation. However, with cost management reducing the number of unprofitable branches and the management of the shopping center area causing the company to have little impact. And also the business has the highest net profit in the past 4 years. Although the rental and service income in 2021 has declined from the past, the company has lower rental income from the shutdown of IT Junction branches that have failed to meet its goals. But the company has accelerated the increase in rental income by opening additional community malls in the year 2021. In the past, the company has opened a new shopping center with a full range which is located near the Amata Industrial Estate Chonburi Province which resulted in continued increase in income in the future. In addition, the company also has sales of condominium units in the New Era project.

However, in 2021, the situation of the coronavirus outbreak is still ongoing which such factors rather challenging with the management of the company with this factor causing the company to operate with caution. However, in 2021, the Company has a positive impact on its operations, namely

the Company is in the process of developing a new shopping center project, “The Jas Green Village Khubon” There is a location on Khubon Road, Ram Inthra District.

On this occasion Jas Asset would like to thank our shareholders, customers, business partners, management and all employees that contribute to Jas Asset’s continued growth in business. Jas Asset would like to assure you that we will operate our business professionally. And continually develop organizational capabilities along with implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility policy to be a role model for society in order for society to have a better quality of life forever.

Mr. Sukon Kanjanahattakit Chairman of the Board