IT Junction

One-Stop Mobile-Phone Marketplace

The Company is the organizer of rented space for mobile phones and IT products in shopping centers or in other potential space such as Big C or Central Shopping Mall for subleasing to retail sellers. First, the Company rents part of the space from the shopping centers or big department stores who own the space. Then, the rented space will be modified and decorated before subleasing to retail sellers. The Company will provide maintenance and management of such rented space throughout the lease term. The objective of the business is to arrange the rented space to be the center of mobile phones and IT products under the name “IT Junction”.

On 31 December 2021, the Company has
The total rented space Square Meters
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Positioning itself as a one-stop mobile-phone marketplace

IT Junction brand has been managed by JAS Asset Public Company Limited for well over 20 years already.

The firm has offered space-management services to leading shopping complexes by renting out space to shops featuring mobile phones, accessories and other IT products. Today, there are 27 IT Junction branches in the country including Bangkok and its adjacent provinces. Together, they have the combined space of over 4,200 square meters and more than 480 shops. IT Junction has also partnered with top brands like Jaymart, Singer, AIS, Vivo, and Samsung in preparing special promotions for shops based at all its branches so as to ensure every branch is truly the best one-stop mobile-phone marketplace.