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A Perfect Home for The Elderly in Modern Era

SENERA is the comprehensive personalized elderly care, aiming at providing a better quality of life after retirement for older people who live independently and for those who no longer live independently.

This program also covers physical, mental, and emotional welfare, together with their society and souls. With our integrated management, the service can help seniors have better well-being and quality of life in the long run.


A full-service residential solution for older people "SENERA"

SENERA is a full-service residential solution for older people who live independently and for those who no longer live independently, covering physical, mental, and emotional welfare, together with their society and souls. The project is operated by a professional team practicing the business under professional standards. We encourage families to take part in our service and support senior care training to produce more specialists in Thailand. We also aim to be an institution specializing in taking care of the elderly and those who cannot live independently.

Our Services

SENERA - Senior Care Center - provides services in medical screening and disease protection, mental and health recovery in the elderly with general and specific diseases. We have two types of services which are daycare and overnight stay under the care of our specialists who have many experiences in senior care and are certified by the Ministry of Public Health. They can educate and enhance social skills among the elderly. We provide care for their physical, mental, and emotional welfare, together with souls and safety. At the same time, the elderly can do various activities surrounded by nature with all modern facilities. We also emphasize the principles and practices in geriatric medicine and gerontology, to take care of all different individuals. Our team consists of experts from many areas to help the recovery of the elderly, including physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The numbers of patients under our care are limited based on the regulations of the Public Health, to ensure that we can provide services to all efficiently and safely.
Occupational Therapy Activities Operated by our experienced experts, meaningful activities are applied to make mental and physical changes to activities of daily living in the elderly. The activities aim to prevent degenerative conditions, mental and health recovery and enhance the quality of life.​
Physical Therapy Operated by our experienced physical therapist, the service focuses on treatment, health recovery and promotion, and prevention from diseases of the bones, muscles, and nerves, as well as consultation of health problems. Our service is a mixture of client-centered and therapist-centered approaches that can cover all aspects of treatment.​
Workshops / Seminars ​ Workshops or Seminars for senior people about​ stimulating and promoting mental, physical, and social activities;​ for example, dog/cat/music therapy, recreational activities, knee strengthening exercises, yoga for the elderly, gardening, flower arrangement, and other outdoor activities close to nature.

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