Corporate Governance Policy

The Company realizes and respects the effective management and administrative system with an emphasis on transparency and accountability which will create the confidence among all of the related parties and foster the business growth under the ethical and legal business operations.

Therefore, the Company has specified the policies on Corporate Governance to upgrade the existing operations to up to higher standards. The policies shall be implemented by the employees of every level with an aim to create the culture of Corporate Governance. The Company has applied the principles of Good Corporate Governance 2006 specified by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”)

Code of Conduct

This Code of Ethics was created to establish important corporate governance policies and procedures for the company. Conducting business with integrity has established the rules of practice or the Code of Conduct for the Board of Directors, Executives, and Employees, as well as the Code of Business Conduct.

To be a guideline for working in accordance with the principles of corporate governance as well as to promote values and corporate culture which resulted in the company's sustainable growth This Code of Ethics enables executives and employees to make sound business decisions and to take pride in being part of JAS Assets.

Risk Factor

The Company’s business is comprised of the organization of rented space in shopping centers in part of mobile phones and IT product zone (IT Junction), development and management of rented space in the form of community mall (The Jas) and development and management of community markets (J Market). The risk factors and preventive measures.


JAS Assets Public Company Limited's Board of Directors has realized and recognized the importance of good corporate governance, social responsibility, and stakeholders. As a result, an audit commission was appointed. In addition to developing an Audit Committee Charter that meets the criteria.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Thai Private Sector Collective Action Coalition in anti-corruption

JAS Asset Public Company Limited and its Subsidiaries are committed to conducting business with fairness, honesty, integrity, transparency, and in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance, which include not only not taking any action that infringes / deprives the rights of stakeholders but also not taking any action that infringes / deprives the rights of stakeholders. To express our intention and commitment to anti-corruption in all its forms, the company has joined the "Thai Private Sector Collective Action Coalition in Anti-Corruption."

Establish an anti-corruption policy

To ensure that The Group has a policy to define responsibility, guidelines and practices. and requirements for appropriate action to prevent all forms of corruption for executives and employees of the Company in the conduct of business to make decisions and business operations that may be vulnerable to corruption be considered and treated carefully. The company has prepared “Anti-Corruption Policy” (Anti-Corruption Policy). This anti-corruption policy. It is an extension of the Company's Code of Business Conduct and has been approved by the Board of Directors to apply to the Group.